2016 SHRM VLS Take-Aways

OKHR_Blog_5I recently had the pleasure of attending the 2016 Society for Human Resource Management Volunteer Leaders’ Summit (SHRM VLS) in mid-November. My sixth (and potentially final) time to attend this event did not disappoint!

This event, hosted by SHRM, is geared towards its volunteer leaders who serve either their local SHRM chapters, state councils, or the Society at a different level. It features almost 1,000 attendees who are some of the most high-energy, thoughtful, and insightful HR professionals I have ever encountered. It is truly an honor to be in attendance.

Prior to the event’s official kick-off each year, about a third of the VLS attendees embark on Capitol Hill visits with their members of Congress. This year, our focus was, you guessed it, overtime reform! Keep in mind, this event took place beginning on November 16, less than a week before the federal judge in Texas issued a temporary injunction on the impending revised regulations. Nevertheless, eight Oklahoma HR professionals met with staffers from Senator James Lankford and Senator James Inhofe’s offices, along with their individual members from the House of Representatives. We discussed SHRM’s position on the impending overtime regulations as well as the pending legislation in the Senate (Senate Bill 3464) and urged our Senators to co-sponsor that bill.

The OKHR State Council had eight 2017 Board Members in attendance at SHRM VLS. Additionally, eight other volunteer leaders from Oklahoma chapters were in attendance. With such an incredible opportunity to network, learn, and engage with other volunteers, we wanted to share some of our key takeaways from this event.

As the outgoing OKHR State Council Director, my biggest takeaway from the event was gratitude. I am extremely grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to participate in SHRM and other events as a Volunteer Leader. My goal for my role as Past Director in 2017 is to continue to serve the Council and cross a few things off my list that I was not able to accomplish this past year. The role of OKHR State Council Director is a full-time job! With the day-to-day activities of the Council and other business to tend to (not to mention my actual full-time job and home life), it is difficult to move the needle. My hope for 2017 is to support our incoming Director, Michelle Killingsworth, as best I can and to also accomplish some of the “unfinished business” I had hoped to get to as Director. More to come on that! Needless to say, I am excited to move into my role as Past Director in 2017!

What others had to say about their experience at SHRM VLS:

Michael Shaw, MSHR, SHRM-CP, PHR – 2017-2018 OKHR State Council Director-Elect

  • Get to know your counterparts in neighboring states. You can become and gain valuable resources through networking activities. For the 2017 OKHR Leadership Conference, we will place chapters together based on their size. Consider it a sister chapter to connect individuals in similar situations.
  • For top-level succession planning, consider having a one-year term as President-Elect, two-year term as President and one-year term as Past President. We’ll consider this as a possibility at the OKHR Director-level as well.
  • Utilizing the SHRM E-Blast service is imperative to Chapter success. Chapters have the ability to request a SHRM E-blast to all SHRM members within the Chapter’s geographical service area. This is a great opportunity to communicate local Chapter value.
  • State Leadership Conferences are imperative for Local Chapter and State growth. Placing individuals on a firm foundation from the beginning is essential. Our goal as a state council will be to make our OKHR Leadership Conference even better: looking at incentives and focus on the benefits of attendance.
  • Your Voice Matters. When talking with our legislators it is imperative to emphasize that while they are addressing political issues, it is having a real effect on employees and employers. It is important to clearly communicate how a change in a law overburdens employers with regulatory red tape or fiscally handcuffs current or future growth and hiring opportunities. Speculative conjecture on the impact of poorly implemented regulatory or legislative actions mean very little, but real life, hard hitting facts that robs families of the opportunity to provide for their families is heard loud and clear at the Capitol.  Share your stories.

Heidi Hartman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP – 2017 OKHR District Director (East)

  • Connecting with other HR folks in neighboring states who can be a sounding board and networking contact to help each other.
  • Utilize online tools provided by SHRM. The SHRM Volunteer Leader Resource Center is a site rich with information that is very helpful to Volunteer Leaders.
  • Looking forward to a wonderful 2017 with the Oklahoma HR crew!

Ricky DeFalco – 2017 OKHR District Director (West) & 2017 OKHR Conference Co-Chair

  • New member recruitment, member orientation, and chapter engagement practices are vital to our ability to gain and retain members. Several best practices were mentioned including new members being invited to help with registration, special badge stickers, referral prizes, and awards.
  • Leadership Conference best practices were discussed and several of the states that spoke about their best practices were significantly different than Oklahoma. Ideas about awards for participation and chapter performance were mentioned as well as having a college or young professional competition. Florida holds breakout sessions specific to chapter roles and in some years invite other states to join them (for a fee).
  • Chapter leader engagement and communication was one of the biggest takeaways I got. Many of the small chapters that spoke seemed to not know resources that were available. Communication of the resources through SHRM’s VLRC and the best practices around and outside of our state will be critical for continued success.

Dr. Krystal Brue, SPHR, SHRM-SCP – 2017-2018 OKHR Secretary/Treasurer

  • When marketing your chapter, state, programs, or conferences, remember to:
    • Include a call to action (Join Today, Learn More)
    • Draw readers’ attention to a catchy headline
    • Keep marketing concise – short and easy to digest
    • Don’t be afraid of white space
    • Create vanity URLS when driving traffic to websites
    • Include WIIFM (What is in it for me) – what is the value of joining?
    • Make it easy for individuals to complete the purchase
  • Financial Fundamentals:
    • Have an expenditure policy in writing – what will you pay for?
    • Have dual signature check writing policy and a system with check and balances.

Lisa Fleming, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP – 2017 OKHR Membership Director

  • Learned about SHRM’s partnership with HR People + Strategy. They provide great information we should share with our HR Executives and Senior Leaders in Oklahoma.
  • A few states have been successful in attracting the Senior HR Leader segment by collaborating with other chapters in the state and offering a state-coordinated HR Sr. Leader SHRM chapter. They use “invitation” as opposed to “registration” to recruit members.
  • A Pennsylvania chapter facilitated a Member Mapping and Retention exercise with a methodical and systematic approach to identify and find solutions for these issues.

Diana Wall, SPHR, SHRM-SCP – 2017 OKHR Certification Director

  • 2017 SHRM Learning System will have a fully online system however it will only be available online for 18 months whereas printed version is always available.
  • SHRM Certification added three competency clusters and updated definitions; also added sub competencies with 3-5 sub competencies for each behavior competency
  • SHRM Certification added key concepts to each behavior competency and redefined 300-400 proficiency indicators hoping to reduce redundancy
  • New Exam Design:
    • Based on 2017 SHRM BoCK
    • New Key Concepts for Behavior Competencies
    • 160 items on both CP and SCP exams
    • Increased seat time to 4 hours
    • No more partial credit scoring for Situational Judgment Test items
    • Score reports reflect 6 performance domains (3 competencies & 3 knowledge) instead of 4
  • SHRM certification audits will happen randomly and member will be notified immediately (random) when submitting recertification information and payment.  Member will need to show material that they were in attendance.  They will mostly be looking at events that were not pre-approved.
  • College: Assurance of Learning is going away and students will be given more opportunity to take the CP exam
  • There will be a transition piece for those who bought the 2016 SHRM Learning System but are not taking the exam until 2017
  • Lots of scholarship opportunities for SHRM certification through the SHRM Foundation
  • Certification State Councils and Chapters need to keep documentation on their programming for 3 years
  • Promote recertification early; incentive available for chapters
  • Automatic uploads for SHRM members who attended conferences/seminars into their SHRM Certification account; however, both email accounts must be the same
  • If a member needs to get SHRM PDC’s quickly, SHRM E-Learning Library is an option for $249

Christy Ptak, SPHR, SHRM-SCP – Certification Chair, Tulsa Area Human Resource Association

  • Specifically in the area of SHRM Certification:
    • Exams will no longer provide partial credit on Situational Judgment Test questions
    • Time to take exam is increasing to 4 hours (based on complaints not enough time)
    • Over 96,000 HR professionals are now SHRM certified and applications are growing
    • An incentive to State Councils and SHRM Chapters is being offered for Recertification ($10 and $20 per member)
    • The Certification exam has now been accredited by the Buros Institute
    • The BoCK has been revised and can be found on the SHRM Certification website
    • No official HRCI Credits will be available at SHRM National Conference; SHRM will remain mute on the promotion of HRCI via Chapters for 2017

Jamie Collins – President, Western Oklahoma Human Resources Association

  • Take advantage of the SHRM chapter marketing materials available on the Volunteer Leader Resource Center, especially the “Better Together” campaign.
  • Consider the concept of an “Engagement Party”, designed to help members engage with one another.
  • Focus on Certification: share the importance and publicize the SHRM Foundation scholarships available.

Chase Massie, SHRM-CP, PHR – 2017 President, Great Plains SHRM

  • The connections developed with other Oklahoma SHRM volunteers was the biggest benefit. I went into this only knowing those people in my local chapter. I was able to walk away feeling like I’ve made some strong connections and now have some great contacts I can go to for questions. In addition I was able to connect with all levels, local chapters, state council, and district directors.
  • Second on my list was the Advocacy Day! This experience exceeded every expectation I had going in. Being able to make connections on Capitol Hill and advocate for SHRM and HR is something that I really enjoyed and look forward to participating in again.
  • The third thing was the ability to sit down in concurrent sessions with people who are in similar situations. I was able to learn about funding for local chapters, 100% chapters, and some of the different requirements of the chapter. I was also able to ask questions to other local chapters regarding membership and programming.

Nancy Gunter, SPHR – 2017 President, Tulsa Area Human Resources Association

  • Love the networking with similar sized Chapters and hearing what they are doing. Also, loved getting to know the neighboring state chapter leaders. In the like-size Chapter session, my greatest take away was that one chapter uses the Rocks (from the book Transitions) as goal setting tools for their Board.
  • Loved the session on paying attention with Neen James. It was great to consider what gets in the way and then to transfer that to how I will lead the TAHRA Board this next year. I will need to pay attention to each board member as well as accomplishing our goals.
  • Thanks to the OKHR group for making me feel part of the group!! Especially to Lisa and her husband who kept me from getting lost in DC!!!

Charles Middleton, PHR, SHRM-CP – Chapter Administrator, Oklahoma City Human Resource Society

  • Focus on member retention rates: the percentage of members renewing during the membership sales period
  • Year-End Evaluation: conduct a member assessment to assist with future chapter planning
  • Use of the word “Invitation” when requesting members join your chapter or register for chapter meetings
  • For chapters that provide job postings on their website, share those via the chapter newsletter as well

As you can tell, each of the attendees representing Oklahoma really enjoyed their time in Washington DC at the SHRM Volunteer Leaders’ Summit. We each walked away with a long list of “to-dos” as a result and have big plans for our roles in 2017.

We are looking forward to what we can all accomplish!

Lindsey Nichols

Lindsey Nichols

OKHR Past Director at Nextep
Lindsey Nichols, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is the 2017-2018 Past Director of the OKHR State Council. In this volunteer role, she will lead a team of 30 board members whose purpose is to advance the human resources profession in the state of Oklahoma. She has been a volunteer leader since 2004, serving at the student chapter level, local professional chapter level, and now the state council level. In her professional life, she serves as Director of Client Services for Nextep, Inc., a Professional Employer Organization, based in Norman, Oklahoma. Connect on LinkedIn.
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Lindsey Nichols, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is the 2017-2018 Past Director of the OKHR State Council. In this volunteer role, she will lead a team of 30 board members whose purpose is to advance the human resources profession in the state of Oklahoma. She has been a volunteer leader since 2004, serving at the student chapter level, local professional chapter level, and now the state council level. In her professional life, she serves as Director of Client Services for Nextep, Inc., a Professional Employer Organization, based in Norman, Oklahoma. Connect on LinkedIn.

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