Chris Thrutchley is a labor and employment attorney with the law firm of GableGotwals. Since 1993, Chris Thrutchley has defended employers of all sizes and types before state and federal courts and agencies in labor, employment, ERISA, and business litigation around the country. Chris’s experience as Chief of the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office of Civil Rights Enforcement (OCRE) and as an HR director with one of Tulsa’s largest unionized employers gives him unique and valuable insight when advising clients on labor, employment, and employee relations issues and when defending them in litigation, arbitration, and administrative proceedings. Chris arbitrates employment disputes in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and New Mexico.

Business Viewpoint with Chris Thrutchley: How to weather the perfect storm of sex, politics, and religion

Sex, politics, and religion have been dominating headlines. From the sexist storm unleashed by a male candidate’s condescending remarks about Carly Fiorina’s face, to a female candidate’s silence about her husband’s long list of infamous sexual infidelities, to the cultural conflict raging between segments of the religious community and the…

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