Craig Zablocki has spoken to over 900,000 people internationally and in all 50 states. From cops to gang members, from surgeons to school superintendents, from lawyers to Realtors; he has addressed sales executives, child-abuse-prevention specialists, farmers, New York executives, hospice workers, college professors, federal prison workers, mental health specialists and the armed forces. Thousands of organizations rely on Craig. He travels from Denver, Colorado and looks forward to bringing his humor to your organization.

Introducing This Year’s State Conference Closing Keynote Speaker, Craig Zablocki!

I’m looking forward to presenting at the Oklahoma HR State Conference in Tulsa on April 28th. As the assistant to the assistant basketball coach for my son’s Basketball Team, I was getting frustrated.  Our single “A” boys’ basketball team has talent. We’re winning games. For the first time in years,…

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