Social Media 101

Welcome to Social Media 101! Here are some tips for getting started on your HR chapter’s social media accounts. We’re also here to help! Please email with additional questions.

facebook Facebook helps you connect with people on a personal level, with longer stories and more room for first-person commentary. Posts with photos get substantially more likes and comments. Resist the urge to make posts too long or opinionated on professional pages.

twitter Twitter is best for short messages to industry peers. All messages must be less than 140 characters. Tip: use a link shortener. Get to the point quickly and dynamically. Think of Twitter as a headline. Use hashtags like #OKHR to make posts searchable.

linkedin LinkedIn fosters professional connections. Use it to build your brand among colleagues and share articles relevant to your field. For personal accounts, use a professional profile photo. Post articles relevant to your field and contribute to group discussions.

google Google+ is useful for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. While smaller, Google+ is (forceably) becoming more relevant in searchability. Aim for compelling, multimedia content that includes photos and video. Bonus: Google+ can link to your group’s YouTube page.

pinterest Pinterest can be an interesting challenge for promoting your company or brand. Posts dealing with wardrobe, recipes, or health tend to get the most traffic. Be sure that a very compelling image or infographic accompanies the content since pins are visually-based.

Need a printable copy? Download the OKHR Social Media Guide!

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