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Sponsorship with Us

Thank you for your support of OKHR. Sponsors and advertisers are very important to OKHR's success! Revenue from advertising helps our organization develop and present meaningful programs, create opportunities for continuing education and strong peer interaction, and help us to enhance our overall contribution to the Human Resource profession.

Target Your Audience

You provide services to HR professionals, so why not advertise directly to HR professionals? Targeting your audience means you get more value for every advertising dollar spent. Talk to OKHR today and start reaching your customers!

Contact us to learn more or arrange an ad.

Website Sponsorship

Placement90 DaysAnnual
Home Rotating Banner Ad - Placed within main content of homepage. $300 $1,200
Home Page Rotating Ad - Right Sidebar $500 $1,500
All Other Website Pages - Right Sidebar $400 $1,000

Event or Meeting Sponsor

Quarterly Meeting or Special Event: $400 per Event. Includes:

Exclusive sponsor for Quarterly Meetings (No more than 3 sponsors for Special Events)

Display table in the registration area if applicable. Banner, brochures, and giveaways are acceptable

Five (5) minute organizational presentation

Company name and logo included in the sponsor page of the website

Written company informational packets at each place setting

Organization name on meeting agenda

OKHR Partner Program

OKHR is pleased to introduce this opportunity to partner with our many supporters and sponsors by providing greater access to our membership and recognizing those that are truly our "partners" as demonstrated by their continued support of our association and the industry we represent.

All OKHR Partners will have their corporate logos prominently displayed at each quarterly meeting. Additionally, they will be recognized in a specific area of an annual newsletter and the OKHR website. OKHR averages 5 such events and exposures annually. OKHR Partners also receive a 15% Discount off all sponsorship opportunities throughout the year for a potential saving of over $1000!

Cost - $500 annually

Contact us to learn more or purchase sponsorship.

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