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We get it, being the new kid on the block isn't always easy, that's why Pathways helps you find your path. Through an extensive network of human resource professionals we can help connect and guide you - here's how...

Pathways is a state level program that utilizes the talents of our many local chapters to plug in college students, emerging professionals and evolving professionals in the state of Oklahoma.

Pathways was created as the main interstate highway to three different exits:

College Relations: are you attending a two or four year school? Do you have a SHRM chapter? No??? We can help with that and so much more! We envision college students transitioning to our emerging professionals group after graduation.

Emerging Professionals: are you eating ramen every night? Watching the movie Pitch Perfect for the 20th time and trying to figure out how to download those songs on your iPod? (If you are still using an iPod we have a special program for you.) Let us introduce you to some new friends! The emerging professionals are those who are new to the profession due to graduation from school OR maybe they just like to have thought provoking conversation over great pizza! 

Evolving Professions: are you ready to make the jump to one of the many facets of human resources? Need some super fun HR friends? We can hook you up!

The evolving professionals is a unique group that has been in the workforce for a number of years and now are ready to transition to the wonderful world of human resources. This can be a challenge at times and human resources is not just employee relations, there are many facets of the profession. We can help you find the right path in human resources.

To be involved in Pathways you need to meet one of the two following criteria:

  1. You have been working in HR less than 5 years, OR
  2. You have never worked in HR but would like to

Raksha Rao 
College Relations Director

Barbara Abercrombie
College Relations Co-Director

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